I live primarily in the Hudson Valley and work both in the landscape, directly from life, or indoors, in natural light. I can't work with lightbulbs, no matter how good they are said to be. I'm a throw back. I love oil paint. For more than four decades I've been puddling with oil paint, and meandering in its wonderful mysterious ways, and so the stuff has turned into a very intimate friend.
In recent years I have been painting images of Donegal, Ireland, and Machu Picchu, Peru, from memory, and also landscape visions of contemplations in my back yards, both here and in Maine.

Artists make decisions all the time, both conscious and unconscious, from a
the infinite pool of sensory material and gradually we become related to our medium, so to speak.

Lately my paintings are again growing a bit larger and I am concerned with remembering and envisioning a time, a place, a scale that evokes the elements and the vastness of dramatic places that I have visited on my travels. 

I care only to relate to the oil painting of the past now. As a painter in the current political world and climate, I'm interested being "the period on the end of the sentence", so to speak, as opposed to vying for connection with the next novelty in art or worse even "about" art. My relationship lies with the painters who have always loved paint and its capacity to explain nothing, and be without words, and be beautiful, drifting along the continuum of those who deeply bond with the material. 
- Sasha Chermayeff